Starlink Satellite Installations

Starlink currently provides its customers with unlimited downloads, at speeds that are often higher than 250mbs.
This comes at a flat monthly fee, payable direct to Starlink.

Starlink Installation

Fast and reliable Internet can be an issue in The Whitsundays, although we’re no longer at the mercy of the NBN. Starlink, powered by Space X,  provides super fast Internet via their independent satellite constellation. To date, they have over 1,700 satellites in orbit.

All Whitsunday Electrical provide a comprehensive Starlink installation service, to residents and to commercial applications too. 

Our installation technicians will carefully install and configure your new Starlink service, so that it meets all of your requirements.

We have a 5 point installation system that we adhere to:

Site Survey

We’ll do checks for the topography, overhead obstructions, signal strength, safety, mounting options, and more.


If we find that the site is viable, then we’ll map out the cable run, choose an internal router point, and select the appropriate mounting point that you choose.


We’ll mount the dish externally, run the cable (normally in the roof space), and terminate to the internal router access point.


At this point we can now power up, and configure the service so that it’s performing as it’s intended.

Speed Test

Finally, we’ll run a speed test and will ensure that you are receiving the fastest possible Starlink speed.


Installation fees start from $590 + GST. This is for a standard single storey tin roof install. We will always provide you with a fixed quote prior to any work being commenced.

We do not. You purchase this when you initially purchase the Starlink service. This will either be couriered to your home, or you can arrange for it to be delivered to our workshop.

Yes we will, although great care will be taken and we’ll ensure that you’re left with an installation that looks like it is meant to be there.

We can provide C3 Cyclone rated hardware to comply with local requirements if this is what you require and it’s inclusive of the installation fee. We also protect the cable with UV-rated corrugated conduit to protect the cable from the sun and the Cockatoos.

Yes this will replace your NBN with a faster more reliable service.

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